• Zain Verjee

    Transformative Communications and Media Services

    We make messages and stories you and your audience will love

  • A potent mix of communications marketing, advisory, digital and product chops to move your messages

    Pure. Undiluted. We are all about the spirit of collaboration and constant change

  • What We Do

    We provide a skill set and background to craft and execute powerful branding and messaging

    Zain Verjee

    Strategic Communications Advisory

    All about the brand

    Our end goal is to promote, protect, evolve and adapt our partners' brands and reputations. The conversation starts with your messaging goals and ends with a go-to audience plan that is on point

    Zain Verjee

    Content Production

    Multimedia for the ages

    The ZVG team has deep video and multimedia production experience that serves our partners well in telling amazing, impactful stories that resonate and are relevant to the message and audience

    Chidi Afulezi

    Digital Media and Strategy

    Platforms and solutions

    Our digital chops are broad, spanning social media and digital marketing, content management and messaging platforms. This is a key asset at ZVG, as we are firmly in tune with the latest and greatest in digital

    Zain Verjee

    Live Event Management

    Powering the dialogue

    From programming and planning your live event, to moderating and hosting, we make it all happen for your live event. Small or big, we have your back and will be there on the ground to execute a well thought out live event plan

    Branding and Media Training

    Getting you media ready

    We provide personalized training for corporate executives, media personalities and senior public officials

    Chidi Afulezi

    Product Strategy and Training

    Products solve problems

    We have stellar product teams that help with crafting market problem and solution development frameworks and training for your product teams

  • Zain Verjee, CEO

    Communicator. Storyteller. Content Creator

    Zain Verjee is one of the world’s most respected and recognized journalists, with an action-packed background and experience at CNN as an anchor, reporter, and master interviewer.


    She has assembled a heavy hitting team of strategists, communicators, digital influencers and content creators that are doing what we honestly believe is magical work